SBS 2008 - How to Move the WSUS Content

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SBS 2008 - How to Move the WSUS Content

1.Open the SBS console and select Backup and Server Storage.
2.Select the Server Storage tab.
3.Click the Move Windows Update Repository Data Wizard.
4.When prompted to take a backup, we recommend that you select Yes.
5.Select the new drive location and click Move.
During the move the wizard will create a WSUS directory on the new location and will begin copying the contents into the <Drive>:\WSUS\WsusContent directory.
The copied files can be deleted in the old directory.

How to move susdb.mdf for WSUS 3.0 SP1

WSUS on Windows SBS 2008 server can use a combination of Windows Internal Database and SQL Express. The susdb.mdf database can grow to be quite large and you may need to move it to a new location. follow the below steps to Stop the WSUS Service, Detach SUSDB from SQL Server then Move SUSDB.mdf and SUSDB_Log.ldf to the new location and finally Attach SUSDB to SQL Server again

1. Open a Command Prompt window, and run the following Commands to stop the WSUS service and IIS:
 net stop wsusservice
 iisreset /stop
2. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express while logged into the server as an Administrator and fill in the following information and then click connect:
    - Server type: Database Engine
    - Servername: \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query
    - Authentication: Windows Authentication
3. Once connected - expand the Databases node from the left pane and right click the SUSDB,
then select Tasks > Detach. The Detach Database window opens, select the 'Drop Connection' checkbox and click OK.
4. Open Windows Explorer and locate the SUSDB.mdf and SUSDB_Log.ldf - stored in C:\WSUS\SUSDB folder - Move it to a new location by using Copy and paste rather than move - just in case anything goes wrong while moving.

5. To reattach the database, right click on Database in SQL Server Management Studio Express and select Attach then on the Attach Databases page select the Add button and browse to the new location of the Database.
6. Finally start the WSUS and IIS services from a Command Prompt with the following commands:
net start wsusservice
iisreset /start

The copied files can be deleted in the old directory.